Transactions that are Safe and Secure

Web Browsers and a Secure Website?

One thing we know is that for all BetVision customers, the knowledge that their transactions can be carried out safely in a secure environment is one of the more pressing concerns. We make it a point to ensure we can guarantee to all our customers that this concern is a priority for us. So doing, BetVision has employed the services of and invested considerable amount of time and resources into implementing the latest in technology, while employing a rather rigours and stringent process of ensure all sensitive information remains integral and confidential throughout. The result is that BetVision is guarantee without a shadow of a doubt that all online transactions can proceed without the user having to fear sabotage and can rest easy that all processes carried out via the BetVision platform remains safe and secure indeed.

The employment of the industry best practice of utilising Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypted technology will continue to protect all online transactions carried out at BetVision. An SSL Certificate enables encryption of sensitive information, and every SSL Certificate holds a unique credential identifying the certificate owner. The Certificate Authority therefore authenticates the identity of the certificate owner before it is issued, this way creating more trust and security in the certified brand accordingly.

What Does Security and Safety during gameplay entail?

Safe And Secure

A browser will make an attempt to connect to a website that holds SSL encrypted technology. BetVision utilises a 128-bit SSL Digital Encryption to protect and secure all transactions performed over the Internet

Safety and Security First!

BetVision is on a mission to provide the best online gaming experience for all patrons. This mission is made attainable, not only by offering the best in entertainment, but by also providing a platform that is safe and secure for use, above all else. It is therefore a pre-requisite for us at BetVision to ensure that from sign up to depositing and withdrawing, all transactions are handled effectively efficiently and without any hassles at all.

Should there be any queries or concerns that relate to financial procedures at BetVision, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team at any time. We are here for you!

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