Return To Player Information On All Games

What is RTP exactly?

Many avid online casino players will have already heard and read this term, i.e. RTP many times. For the novice player, however, this term may be entirely new, an acronym unheard of, not seen before. For those unfamiliar, RTP, also known as ‘Return To Player’ is an online casino term that refers to the percentage of all wagers that a particular game returns to the average number of players.

All casino games will include a house edge that is the best practice of any casino online gaming platform, the world over (that is the world wide web over). This house edge allows for online casino operators to exist, simply put, as the slight advantage allows for the gaming platform to remain profitable to stakeholders, while giving gamblers a fair chance to win. This is an unspoken agreement between players and the various online operators, as the entertainment gained far outweighs the nominal advantage that the house edge provides the operators.

Now, select your game, know its payout ratio and get ready to play with BetVision!

All of our games are fair and random. And they’re random because of RNG, a Random Number Generator software, which is used in-game for every game.

As for fairness, our products undergo robust testing, as do those of our suppliers, and are approved by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain.

How can I check the RTP percentage on each game?

To locate the RTP percentage for any game that you wish to play:

  1. Go to the casino tab on our website
  2. Select any game you want to play from the categories list
  3. Open the Game Rules via the question mark icon. That’s where you will find the RTP percentages.

Please contact our customer support team if you need assistance with this and they will be happy to assist.

For the avoidance of doubt, We do not guarantee that any of the games offered will pay out according to its RTP percentage in a single hand, spin or play (or, indeed, to an individual customer).