We are Socially Responsible!

TGP Europe, the Regulated License holder for BetVision, is a socially responsible business and actively looks to protect their players against the harms of gambling.

Using proactive and innovation processes, TGP Europe looks to engaged with players at various intervals of their journey across the various brands under the TGP Europe License. Following the guidance provided by the Gambling Commission, players can be expected to respond to any of the below requests. Some of these requests may seem intrusive, but they are there to ensure that you are protected as a player, and remain compliant with the latest UK Gambling Commission requests:

Affordability Checks


Triggered by total deposits

Comprises of a realistic review of disposable income limits per a player across all TGP Europe brands

Documents that can be requested include Payslips and Bank Statements

Safer Gambling Assessments


Proactive interaction with players where required

A review of betting behaviours and time on site to guide those interactions

Helps to keep gambling fun through a sustainable relationship

Source of Wealth


Triggered by higher deposit levels

Detailed documentation needed to support sources

Ongoing requirement for updated information throughout players relationship

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