Deposits and Withdrawals

BetVision offers a range of high-quality and secure deposit and withdrawal methods. You’re sure to find the most convenient banking solution for you. Please see our options below.

Skrill is an effective and reliable option for those looking to use e-Wallet services for their gameplay.

How it works?

Effortlessly access funds from your bank account, debit card, and transfer your desired amount accordingly. Use your Skrill account to pay for various services, products and facilities online. Another great benefit to Skrill is the option to be able to receive and accept payments into your e-wallet via Skrill as well.

An account holder with Skrill will make use of their email address to access and enable transactions, which adds a level of confidentiality that is quite refreshing in the gambling industry indeed.

Important to note, however, is the fact that all banking processes conducted via Skrill will only be authorised if the email address associated is identical to the email address registered with on Skrill.

A major benefit of the Skrill banking option is the fact that transactions are performed instantly when using this e-wallet solution.

The minimum deposits for using Skrill are as follows:

$20.00 $2000.00
£20.00 £2000.00
€20.00 €2000.00

NETELLER is another e-wallet option that is readily reliable and fully functional within the BetVision banking portal.

How it works?

As with Skrill, the procedure is much the same. Effortlessly transfer your funds from your bank account or debit cards to pay into your e-wallet and enjoy the convenience of being able to pay for products and services digitally.

Your Neteller account will also allow for payments to be made into your e-wallet, as it can accept payments too.

Deposits into your account can be made instantly from an existing Neteller account or you can set one up by clicking Here

The minimum deposit amounts that can be made into your Neteller account are as follows:

$20.00 $2000.00
£20.00 £2000.00
€20.00 €2000.00

Still the most well-known and widely used deposit method is via a secure online payment method, using a valid UK debit card. By incorporating a set of stringent processes, BetVision’s transfer methods are efficient, reliable and safe.

How it works?

You'll need to keep your CVV number handy. This is the 3-digit number presented on the reverse of the card. You may be asked to complete a 3DSecure (3DS) questionnaire. What 3DS does is assist in preventing your card from being used without your express permission. The 3DS verification only takes a mere few seconds to complete. We recommend that you use the ‘Greeting’ or ‘Notes’ Field on the 3DS screen to add a prompt which will help you remember your password.

*Important to note: We do NOT store any confidential or integral financial information, the likes of your CVV or 3DS information within our system, as following our security measures when using this banking facility is part and parcel of the security checks, we have put in place to ensure a safe and secure gaming environment for all.

If you deposit using a Corporate Card or a non-UK registered Card, we may not be able to send your withdrawal request back to the same card. Under these circumstances, Customer Services will make arrangements with you to send the payment via alternative routes.

We do not accept debit card deposits from the following providers at this moment in time: Monzo, Revolut, Starling Bank and similar online banks, as well as all prepaid cards such as Monese.

The minimum deposits for using Debit Cards are as follows:

$10.00 $2000.00
£10.00 £2000.00
€10.00 €2000.00

At BetVision, all customers can request withdrawal of their BetVision funds via the very same banking methods employed during the depositing phase.

In accordance with Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, customers may be required to provide and submit valid ID (identity) documents. This is to allow for the verification of one’s identity when requesting a withdrawal. The documents required for verification purposes can be sent to BetVision Customer Care when they have been digitally captured or scanned and emailed to the team.

You can rest assured that we will handle your documentation sensitively and it will be stored securely in accordance with Data Protection law. You can find out more about how we keep your data safe online and our SSL encryption software Here

Debit Card Min E-Wallet Min
$10.00 $20.00
£10.00 $20.00
€10.00 $20.00