Here’s how to Contact Us at BetVision

Here’s how to get in touch

If you need help with general queries such as payment and technical issues or want to find out more information on how to use our products and services, please check out our Help Centre

Do You have any complaints?

Now that you’ve made the excellent decision and joined in on the BetVision community, we’d like you to know that no matter the reason, you can always get in touch with any one of our friendly and professional customer team members.

If you are not completely happy with our service and products here at BetVision, you can quickly stop on by and lodge a complaint with us directly by contacting our Customer Support team using the details above.

If your complaint has not been resolved through our Customer Support team, please contact us at: We try our very best to uphold the highest standards in fair and safe gaming and will aim to resolve your dispute through our escalation procedure.

It is a priority with BetVision customer care team members to treat each case with the utmost of urgency, to ensure a resolution is reached quickly and efficiently. Should you feel that BetVision has not done its due diligence to resolve a situation satisfactorily, then you can always take your complaints to alternative authorities, the details of which are laid out below:

Being a UK Licensed gambling operator, we offer dispute resolution by an independent third party or ‘alternate dispute resolution’ (ADR) provider in line with LCCP social responsibility (SR) code 6.1.1.

We have appointed the Independent Betting Adjudication Services (IBAS) as our ADR.

Please direct any unresolved complaints to them directly, at telephone number +44 207 347 5883.

Further details about IBAS can be found at